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Everyone I know has gone "Christmas gift" crazy!! We put up a list at work for our co workers to fill out so that we can buy them a gift that they may like or really use!! So I thought it would be fun to see what kind of Christmas gifts are being requested here on CS??
dunno confused
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i have my christmas gift already from my mum, i asked for new blinds for my windows which i have now got up and very nice they are indeed yay
That sounds like a nice gift kas.
very nice mom, especially as i recently had all new windows put in, just got to see what my dad gets me now as he wont tell me or ever ask me crying
You don't want to spoil Christmas for your Dad...let him surprise you with your
lol my dad never tells me what he has me, he was always the same even when i was little, bless him lol dancing
LOL Love them while you have them my dear!!teddybear
presents should be for family and close friends, the expense of buying gifts as well for co workers must be putting people in needless debt, its just crazy, no wonder people are dept ridden.
It is something we all agreed on before hand. And most of us spend very little on each other. We have a big party & have food & lots of fun...the little gifts are just something we all like to do for each other. We are like one big family at my workplace. teddybear Personally the best gift I ever recived was a homemade ornament for my Christmas tree. applause
of course i accept that momhen, i wasn't having a go, its just that i have seen similar cases where people were buying presents they just couldn't afford, it can spiral out of control very easily, leaving families short for basic commodities like heating and food. enjoy your Christmas, and your present, you have a kind heart. dancingsanta
wave I shall be bartender waiter drink pouring christmas,,, to me its another day,, as the real meaning of christmas seems to have been lost,,,,,,
I quote
"It came without ribbons
It came without tags
It came without packages,,,boxes,,,,or bags,,,,

Maybe Christmas,,,,,,,,
Does'nt come from a store dunno

Maybe Christmas,,,,,,,
Perhaps hmmm

Means a little bit more,,,,doh snowman2
I to work on Christmas day. Our party for work will be before Christmas. We alwasys have a great time. There are only 10 of us, but we know how to have fun without costing a bundle of cash.

Even if we did not exchange gifts we would still have fun. How can a group of woman not get together & have a good time??

teddybear should be do. laugh
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