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I swear I fix something on my car and two more things break the next day. I won't take it to auto shops unless I absolutely have to. Most are a rip~off hard to find the honest ones. My truck isn't even that old either. But thats my luck. My last car was a beretta that kept stalling once out of park. I took it to a shop and A~hole was asking for $450 just to open it up. So I told him to go F himself but very politely and not in those words. Took it to a friend of a friend who had a small auto shop in his garage. He starts it up puts his hand over the exhaust and said " Clogged catalytic converter $25" I still upset with that other scamartist auto shop. OH WELL. Next on my list change thermostat and if my heater still doesn't work, I'll have unclog my heater core. Very time consuming but simple enough. Plus my dog has been pretty whiny lately I guess shes just getting old.
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new car maybe?confused
roll eyes I feel your car is picking up on your vibrations and amplifies them. Catalytic Converter problem indicate that the issue is about what you're putting out and the problems with thermostat and heater suggest that you should let go of some steam in the shape of anger. Dogs are very loyal and pick up on the owners - about that I'm certain.
Hope you're feeling better and thanks for sharing your steam bouquet
I agree about the dog picking up on your vibes.
My pooch is ultra sensitive to my moods...
Hope things pick up soon xxx
Hey Dude, ..
A catalitic converter costs $350, so your mechanic just took a drill, and popped a hole in your old converter, . . .which is fine, . . .
unless you have to go for an emissions inspection, . . doh

Before you change thermostat, and mess with a heater core, . .
Just check your vacume lines connected to your heater switch, . . . ok?, . .dunno

Good luck .
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