history lesson.

we all dwell on the past things that's gone by, that affect us in some way shape or form, we shut ourselves, up put a brick wall up to protect our emotions, we find it hard to trust and open up, as the saying goes once biting twice shy, when i think about it its like history, its the past its experience, we all make mistakes we all do stupid things that's what makes us you neek they say the winner dictates history, who's the winner you or person that hurt you, dont think about past for it has gone by, dont think of the future for it has not come and may never happen, live for the today, hope it makes sence to someone would like hear you comments.
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Your Past is what has made you who you are today !

if your past where any differant would you be who you are or someonels ?

Rock on Dude head banger
I´ve waited 10 long years to post this, I couldn´t keep it in any longer.....Hi
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