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So I was talking to a fellow I met online, he started asking me questions about myself which I had already stated in my profile, so I had to ask him if he read my profile, he responded yes but he does not believe anything written in profiles. I listened and I responded to his question, but then since he said that about profiles that got me to wonder whether or not his profile is truthful or not. I am an honest person so I put the truth in my profile, there is not need to deceive someone, I am who I am. It takes a lot more work to keep up a deceit than it does to be truthful.
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Since I have it several times on my profile that I'm all about honesty, I figure it would look pretty bad on me if I lied about anything on there.

The only thing "dishonest" might be withholding information, but that only concerns photos and birthday for me. I don't know if anyone can see my birthday, but it's fake (except for the year). I don't want to give too much information out since I'm a little paranoid about identity theft.

But I sucked it up and put my own face on my profile. So WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)!

but Erik, you not putting your real age out there can also go against you in searches. Plus I don't see what someone can do with your age, since they don't have any personal pertinent information on you.
Chances are, most of them are deceitful. I experienced talking to someone allegedly from USA, according to his profile he's from Calif, but his English is really really awful. So I thought there is no way this guy is from Calif. Though it's a waste of time, effort and energy sometimes, talks help to determine a fake from not, a maniac from decent ones, a pervert from straight ones. We just have to really use our discerning powers. Be safe! wave hug
You got to have faith that not everyone is being deceitful, do your homework find out as much as you can and then decide if they are worth your time or not.
The worst thing about this cyber profiles is it is so easy to lie about who you are. I don't believe I will see many views or invites because I am honest. I can't believe everyone is God fearing, active, love life, happy all the time, like a lot of these post are. And who doesn't carry some kind of baggage?
My advice is take each encounter with a grain of salt. We have a chance here to learn alot about someone before we ever meet them.
Hope more people will find honesty is the best policy.yay
I agree with you, anybody can join a online dating site, and most people won´t pay money for online dating, so here we have the crux.
Everybody wants to start talking, without being concerned about his/her safety and needs personal freedom. So many people here would like to see a kind of censorship on this site. Maybe they can afford a pay-site, so they are lucky. But the rest of us has to find the balance between believing what is said and accepting that not all information is varified. Good luck, and take your time! Scammers never have time and are there for a single purpose: your money. Asking personal questions and starting basic conversation may help you identify them. Be carefull with what you post (also in blogs, where anybody could read it.
To be honest here am I reading and responding to your blog but I haven't read your profile @ all. I like hearing it from the horses mouth rather than reading what everybody reads. To me it sounds special when you tell me about yourself when we start getting to know each other. Your profile says what you want the public and everybody here on CS to know but there are other things one needs to know about the person you are interested in.
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