Im a mean girl ... :)

Sometimes it does feel good to be mean. Lolz
especially to those who have treated me very very bad.
I know i know im sooo bad , i might even be removed from Santa's xmas gift list this year.. Lolz
but i just cant help it, it feels really really good !
Knowin' when i kicked their as*es, i kicked em' hard !!!
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SUPER LOLZ .. !! High Five Gurl !!
I know it sounds bad too but it really feels good .. I tottaly agree on that !! And Im gonna do ..What makes me Feel Good wink Keep it Up Kasih !! cheers

go for it girl, if people treat you bad then you treat them bad.

one of the sweetest nicest girl i know on this site both of you kasih and swan but maybe thats because i never been bad towards youteddybear
@ John !! Mmmwwaahhhlips You're so sweet and nice gentelman ! I don't think you can be bad !

i still think you should take the high road .
I am sure Santa will come because deep down you are not so mean are you? grin
We live in a community that has recognized that there is a problem with competition, materialism, and perfectionism. All three of these issues are directly related to an issue with low self-esteem and trying to hide feelings of insecurity. Often trying to find security, love and self-esteem creates that type of messy experience in not only teen-aged girls, but also throughout the lives of grown women.When you play with a little child you will find yourself talking and acting in a childish way, When someone bothers you at the street you might find yourself shouting at him and when you are with the person you love you might find yourself cheerful and encouraging. So which one is your true personality? Which behavior best describes you....Are you that childish grown up who plays with the kids, are you that angry man who shouts at everyone or are you that encouraging lover?Actually you are all of these, but you tend to change your identity according to the situation you are in.So what does this have to do with people treating you badly and what's the relationship of such identities with their way of treatment....Just as you have multiple identities people do have multiple identities too. Based on the way you treat them or based on the words you say you can trigger any of their dormant identities and so find them acting in a different way.In short, if you want people to treat you in a good way then you should understand their personalities by knowing the exact triggers that causes them to change their peaceful identities into horrible

hummmmmm....bouquet teddybear wine
Hi mean girl:

Continue to suffocate me with words of kindness and I will be yours forever!

You do have a point. You have to fight fire with fire.
Kasih; it's also fun to diss others if they ask for it. Just always make sure there's no risk of losing. dancing
Me too, very mean, one scammer even wrote to tell me. In fact, that made me happy and decided not to change a thing in my profile - it is working. I am very strict in my profile about what I want and don't want - no men shorter than 5' 9'', no men with children, no marriage, no smokers, no widowers, no men younger than 40 years old, no men who are separated etc, etc. so I get few scammers contacting me.
Treat them mean keep them keen!!
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