Welcome Holiday season?

I wish everyone that I meet has a wonderful Christmas, Honakah or Quansah. Am on different dating sites and decided to keep a running total of how many scammers contact me(haha) to date: 4
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so how do you know if a contact is a scam or not? you got some special powers?
I think its probably in the way they conduct themselves. In most cases, the average scammer has certain characteristics that are obvious to most that have dealt with them before.
Keep the faith "hand" scammers just like the bunches that hang out at the travel plazas at lets say like west Memphis.

your very lucky if only 4. I have a free dating site that I have to delete a minimum of 4 a day.

Drive safe there. try to keep the shiny side up!
@Vivvi Kumusta Nice you get to travel UK, and be Home in Pinas ( I hope)

I would certainly love to be in Pinas right now.

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