don't look outside apperance to the Person look in

1 SAMUEL 6;7
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I write this words from the Bible. because most of the people is always looking from the outside not from the inside people is like a book you don't know Him or Her if you ddint read it Shalom to all
wave hallo,dear siter jenhug nice blog deary,hope somebody even duling will see our beauty with in,grin
merry xmas and a happy new year to you..goodluck on your search and dont worry about guys who go for the looks,,,as all the guys says"they dont wanna have a nightmare everynight if they have ugly wife,hehehhehhhe...not all men look for the outer side of us lady's,once we all get to know each other then we judge them guys,hug

teddybear cheers
Shalom! Shalom! You are so right sister of the Most High!
Baruch Atai Adonai!
Firs we have to look ourselves to our inside and ask: Do we like it or not??
It is my heart good enoug??
I'm happy with who I am..?? can I make someone happy with me if the real good one??
Do I really love someone, or I love just for me??
God is looking to our heart but let us to work on it, He gave us all the tools we need to make us beautiful from inside.

True but have you seen Richard Gere on here lately? laugh wave
Amen,it is so true.You will know a tree by their fruit.The flesh counts for nothingheart beating
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