I hope everyone finds a special person for at leas

This is my last post and in couple days I am closing my account this was a stupid idea THANX for sharing a glimpse into my mind
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I didn't find that special ONE, but do not close my account because I want to be social and find people to talk to.

Sorry that you are so dessapointed..roll eyes

wine my friend
I know how you feel and have thought of the same thing several times. Too many people wanting to play games. I also want to meet different people and talk and that is the only reason I'm still here. Hope you are feeling better about things today!
Hey hand, you know...sometimes we find what we are looking for when we arn't looking.

I assume you are on the road, and it's very lonely. About the only attention you get it from the waitress at the truck stop (travel plaza) that if your lucky flirts with you for that big tip!

If you arn't over the road, then local drivers spend all day and into the night doing their job. most times there is only enuf time to eat, sleep, shower, then back to work.

May I suggest that you just network. Just go at this that it's a social thing. Getting a special Lady to take notice is a big time bonus!

Just one day at a time, and for now...don't set your expectations too high.

Have you noticed that many here have stated they are just here for the forum, or to blog?
If that is the case, then there are many not even really looking for someone.

My advice is to take time, check in from time to time. post your blogs, comment on blogs, reply to comments etc.

It's called networking. If you just make some friends, then so be it. you never know if that "friend" has a friend who is looking :)

Just my 2 cents Sir.

Keep safe

P.S. I have been thinking about starting a truckers dating website. what do you think? I already have a free filipina dating site. it does ok, but not as well as I would like. Just running the idea past you.
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