looking for some woman I can hate

I don't know why!? but I have not found a single woman I can hate.
Maybe loving woman is my nature. I don't know. confused
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I am Vic..... oh no,no,I am pink.
That reason why is our nature as you said. heart beating
I have not found a single man but I can't hate them.
Why do we need hate each other if we even can't find right one?
maybe oneday probably one day....we will fall in love with special someone.
Don't you think so?
Is this make a sence?
I don't know my comment.......
it dose make a sence or not. confused
but anyway I like ladies and gentlmen as my friends.
and hoping find the one for me oneday nope NOW. hehehe. laugh
banana banana banana
Don't be romantic.
That special one is the one i hate most in the world. cool
Because that one will sentence my life in prison
that one will look after my every simple activity.
that one will look after my every second.
that one will look after every penny I spend
that one will review my every relationship
that one will tell me what to eat or what to drink as well as how much I will take
that one will be angry when I come home late for whatever reason even though it is my own house.
that one will be unhappy when some unusual day of a year I forget
that one will force me to work harder to earn more but spend less
that one will populate more people who I will grow up myself.
that one will criticize every mistake I may make.
that one will nag when the house is not kept clean enough
that one will this and will that..... like surveillant of prisoner

But it is so silly that every man never stops looking for that one. confused
I don't be romantic 2kten.
I am kind a afraid of to see real world.
that's why I wrote positive things for me too.
noone like be alone,isolate forever.
I presumed that you feel almost same as my feel after read your this topic.
love is just love.
love can't feed us meal everyday.
we are working to living everyday to establish our lives.
mom and dad were not family first....they met each other by chance.
they made a effrot to understand each other.
and fostered a love.
poeple always don't thiking love,love,love oh,noway.
realism is always primary for our lives and we need my own privacy space even If I have a boyfriend.
my comment is not help your questions.

Someone said that marriage is the grave of our life.
you sound like saying samething...like him.
your decision is always primary for your life.
yay Don't be serious too. that one I hate most but I also feel happiest with after all, That is the key of so confusion. That's why I am looking for that one. moping.... laugh

I like your sharing much PinkCoral I love your Vic too both of you so cute indeed. teddybear
Hummm..you haven't met my ex! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
If 2 in a good relationship there should be a good one of that 2.
If 2 in a worse relationship no comment for such. cool
hmm cus women are lovely person blushing blushing
I don't think it is always true heliya
especially I am very doubt of it about you. yay
thanks , it's very kind of you if you doubt of it about me . doh
hohooho......santa waving
the key of you are confusion ....
If you know that reason right? just forget about it!
anyway,my bunny is drinking a coffee at the starbacks now in your town.
cool hug
You sound kind of bi-polar??????????
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