On being human.. and a blessing

There are many definitions of humanity. Science can list dozens of features that describe how we come together to make a human being.

Tonight, on a mild starry night sitting on a swing on a terrace overlooking the hills of Lebanon, I have come to this conclusion:

To be human is to put one's hands together in prayer, on a night when all seems lost in one's immediate existence, and still find that after a long time spent in prayer one has only mainly been wishing for blessings unto others.

May you find whatever blessing has been eluding you, you who read this now..
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inshallah...and may you find it toowine
Very nice words !!
Thanks ladies :)
What a beautiful blog. Thanks for the light, namaste.
CJangel bouquet
Thanks for your kind words CJ
Wish u all the best in ur beginnings ... think we know both what it is all about ;)
Thanks Vic :)
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