romanticism vs/and realism

On love affairs , people tend to be either romantic or realistic.Some girls say the typical expresion" I like a dating with a handsome man in a dinner with candles etc" ..."love"
"I am pasionate" "

Others say: " I am down to earth"... " just looking" " see what happens then" I don´t believe.." Just leave me a message" "I hang-out"

On Literatue and arts,Romanticism means tradition, pastfeudal customs and not only "love" "passion" "Affection" "perfect match"

The same with Realism. It has a variety of entities. It is the opposite in a rational way of the crude description of the reality

I think there shouldn´t be such division or confrontation, I would add that both are complements of a good relationship.Its conjugation depends on several of them is personality.

Do you think the tendency is unilateralism instead of complementarism.

For you, what is more important? Agree or disagree?handshake
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