Boobs Are Deaf

I dont know if the majority of men have figured this out or not , boobs cant hear nor talk. I am writing this coz it seems that there are a lot of guys who tend to stare at women's boobs when they are talking to them, on a date or not. I sometimes have had to actually ask someone not to stare . I have also actually had to tell someone once that my boobs are deaf and they do not know sign language either.
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may be your boods are better looking than your face
maybe , and maybe the world is full of people like u :P
They must be nice boobs you have then. wink
come on you must be ugly or you would have a photo
I accept that boobs probably dont hear so well, but I think they say a lot?
Well life is simple.If you dont want people to notice them, cover them.I'm sure you women know how to handle the cover/uncover process quite well.laugh
hi i think we have got on your tits talking about your boobs so lads we can not knock here knockers again ok !!!! well you can if you want she started it rolling on the floor laughing
I have u exactly where i want u :P COming back to read the blog. When i want to be seen i can send my pic or meet up.
im on the same page as the guy that said cover them if you don't want guys to stare some will some won't
I don't talk to, or stare at womens boobs, but do rather like to speak to them in brail grin ...... Far more fun, but does sometimes result in getting my face slapped.

moping rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Maybe you just keep running into those whose intellect is somewhere between a snail or a gnat,some guys are like that,some have grown up.Have a great Christmas.Chuck
I suppose the intricacies of why someone would not want to put up their pic in the Middle East are lost on those who have not been immersed in the region but more often than not it is to do with modesty.

As for boob-alogues it might be hard to keep one's eyeballs off an abundant chest but if the conversation is engaging enough it can be done quite successfully.

In my experience it is desirable to achieve a certain balance. The fair sex do expect some interest in their assets but if there is too much of it they can feel they are being treated like an object. No attention whatsoever is even worse as it can be construed as lack of attraction. It is a fine line we tread :)
hello pinkvan you have me were you want me nice !!! it would be nice to meet up but unless you are coming to north cyprus its not going to happen .. dont for get they will take guns and knifes off of you at the airport rolling on the floor laughing wave hug
I agree staring at boobs while talking to women is a rude and uncivilized. The focus should be on the conversation. There may be a few reasons for that however. May be you offer a boring conversation. Or your breasts actually are a BIG distraction for others. Or may be your stance is too inviting and brings men right back to your breasts.

Can not be sure actually untill we have grasp over the situation in real. But it is equally rude to intimidate ppl by telling that your breasts are deaf.

I'd say avoid situations where you anticipate the "visual boobs molesting"

Also, I'm not sure if it falls under gender harassment?
Well Gentlemen ,
this is a classical use of reverse psychology,widely used by women to attract attention.I'm surprised nobody spotted it...

Hang on a minute I am only the same height as my girlfriends boobs so i have not option but to talk to them, i cannot stare at them though because they keep poking me in the eyes.
I love Cyprus, and I will be going there again soon. Get ready :P

Only a boob talks to boobs. so you've got an IQ test right there. laugh

seriously, if they are covered I'd think it would not happen so much (unless you have a front that juts - can't be hidden). detective
Englishman and Johmwain,
I like your
Give it up for the boobs....
Keep them covered, but it is a guy thing and it's gonna happen. If they stare too much, it just means to me that they are only interested in sex and they are not for me...If they can look me in the eyse when we talk...then I think about it...but hey, they sex side is not so bad eitherrolling on the floor laughing wine
Reminds me of a scene in Pedro Almodóvar’s 'Volver ' wherein Regina (played by María Isabel Díaz) tells the main character , Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) ,” Between your cleavage and my mojitos we can make a fortune”
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