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It's very difficult to read the mind of people around you. Attitude, behavior, motive, character of people may different in different geographical regions. It's depends upon various factors like circumstances they born and brought up, economical, friends circle, habits, education. The significance of psychological studies is more important in the modern era. Because all the people are not emotionally fit due to various reasons.

Sports, arts,cultural activities is really important like the studies. That will leads to the human empowerment and influences the power of nation in all ways. This activities can changes ones mindset sharp & bold. Decision making in our life is always influence by the attitude.

The person who is really passionate about learning the psychology will be successful in all the way of his life. Because he knows the meaning of every wink, gesture, attitude of other people.

Thanks to Sigmund Freud
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I agree it is not easy to read the mind of people around you sometimes but motive now that is an interesting concept like someone's motive for engaging with scams and receiving money into their bank account on behalf of scams for their own gain. Motive is a clear one in that case wave
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