Christmas is coming and consumism prepare the feas

Christmas is coming and retailers, shoppers, mall marketers, radio , tv , news broadcasting and e-shop start to prepare the great event.

Many say " oh, my god, don´t you celebrate Christmas?" It is for kids, don´t you have a family or home environment" "you are a strange person" I answer FAKE

Traditionally, this celebration aglomerates a multitude in western and nowadays, in east countries. Candles, Saint Clause, Bells, etc are ringing and all people "should" (I should put this quotation because in fact be HAVE TO celebrate this renewal celebration due the marketing pressure) I answer FAKE

United Nations has stated and stablished a day of the children . And it is not the 24th or 25th of December.So why to celebrate such celebration when thousands of children die of poverty and starvation everyday in Africa, latin america, Asia?
According to the new marketing formula nowadays, the best consumer is not the grown-up. It is the children. So toys are currently sent in thousands of HQ from MAde in china to europe, America, etc. Big business, and not to say about the beer, bakery, clothing, travel guide, entertainment, etc etc. Some little gifts for poor day in this sacred day does not add nothing to the real crude situation they live upon. It is just a forced smile and religious formalism

Family means decency, respect to opinions and mainly social responsability. It means a code of ethics over all kind of issues. Including religions and old traditions.I think Christmast and most of its fanatic partisans do not consider that and it evolves only in a sort of feast with inequity, unjustice, misery, hypocrecy and lack of spirituality .

Few people may consider this
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