A Winter's Day, . . in December

I haven't heard this in a While, . . . something about a Rock?

Kinda sounded like, . . something, about being Single


I Kinda Wonder, . . .What was the Moral (message), . . .

was, . . . in the lyrics of this song?, . . . confused

After watching it three times, . . The Obvious truth of it Began to Sink in , , , doh
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Hi aJester
Thanks for sharing
Maybe I'd like it some days before,
But I have absolutely different feelings now, thanks to CS heart wings
Anyway I think it's wrong motto,
try to listen to something else,
December is also good for love and relationsbouquet
wave Aj,,

For years I have loved that song,,& S&G,, listened to their music,, today for the first time,, I heard the words crying

Je sens son si facile de se cacher derrière un mur, pour sa protection, pour cesser d'être blessé,,snowed in
Mais,, je ne pouvais pas vivre sans mes amisdanceline
Haven't heard that for a long time, but it speaks of isolation (yes singleness)...of being a rock, an island, the standing alone idea. A rock, is a hardness, a protection from being hurt, or feeling emotion...an island is standing alone and apart from the rest.

"I touch no one and no one touches me, I am a rock, I am an island. And a rock feels no pain, and an island never cries."

Very sad song. sad flower
Good Morning, . . Sweet Oly, . . . Kind little,Frenchie, and Compassionate Caring, Calm Heart,, . . . .
.and You too, Mr. F, .

In Reality, . . .when I first found sanctuary, here at this really, really cool CS, . . back in October, . .

The First thing I noticed upon arrival, was that so many,. cheering cheering cheering

Sweet, Sensitve, Sincere, Sensational, and Sensual, little ladies, . had seemed to have built a Lot of Walls, .

. . . kinda around their fragile, delicate, little hearts, . .too Protect them from Future Pain heart wings heart wings heart wings

And it seemed like a real shame, . . at the time

But, . . . . Now i Realize, .doh

Maybe, everybody needs a couple Months on here, . . . . for a similar reason, . . .

Kinda, . . . .to Take a Break, from Reality, . .
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