Sorry my Ex-girlfriend

You are in my mind and my heart as well as my soul
but it is the time to let it go.
Hope we can be friends as at the first time we used to be.

Wishing you and your child healthy and happy.

I am not sure there can be another one in this world who will be as wonderful as you used to be to me or not.

But all have gone it is the problem that I decided but I have not completely wiped my thoughts of you out of my mind for 2 years already. I am so keen to you maybe

I try this time. best wishes to you, my ex-girlfriend and your family as well.

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2ktenkissergrin what a nice way to remember your ex,,that was awesome for a man,,,its good to remember the past but learn to let go and move forward my friend,you should be happy too..good blog and i wanna wish you a great holiday this season,,merry christmas and happy new year friendcheers santa waving
Thanks Jedd. It is not easy but no better way than to let it go.
Wish you a merry Xmas too. christmas happy
daer 2ken.
you still love her........
I think she was a so wonderful person.
sad flower sad flower
I uunderstand how you feel.....
she was to happy spent a good time with you for sure.
that was must be a precious moment!
keep good memories in your hear,and thank you for sharing us.
Bless you.
Well you want it ..but I don't think so..depends on what you did to her..because we humans.have and hate..

Good luck to you!wine
Hi PinkCoral I love you say "kiss you" instead of "bless you". teddybear.
Thanks a lot my sweet friend. I have felt as we were born to be here for each other. hug
Hi Jedd. I think that's a nice name you give me. I love it.
Some friends advised me to meet some professionals to seek some advices. But I think I am brave enough to let it go. Just a time. It has been almost 2 years actually not too short but not too long. When I wrote this and joined this site I felt much better than I did before. So I think I am on the move.
Merry Xmas and leaky new(s) year. cheering
Hi Keesy45. I know I has been so keen too much to her. My feeling, my thoughts. Anyway 2 years already. She has her own life and I should have my own otherwise i am so selfish to myself. I need to win it. Time can heal my wound it is showing so and I hope soon it will be over. Thanks for your dropping by. teddybear
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