what happened

i wasn't even around online and now half the comments are gone from my blog what's going on guys what happened
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ur blog gone or ur comments?
not my comments other peoples comments it was just a fun blog im not here to hurt anyone in any way
..dunno..blogs go..just like profiles are being deleted..nothing offensive or nasty stuff in them but still gone..who knows..either a glitch or sensorship..dunno confused
i guess theres nothing i can do
no John ..there isn'tblues
what does that mean what did i ever do i did nothing wrong
John..this is not done to you..they did not like those comments which were made..I don t know what they said since I did not read the blog..earlier today 2 blogs got deleted and a profile..no nasty comments were in it and yet still gone..
it still seems like someone is pushing people out one at a time maybe im just abit confused because this happened when i was offline
wave Still

Seems to be disappearing comments,, and people today super motorcycle crazy confused dunno
yeah , i saw in my blog flog is deleted too confused confused
yes everyone seems to going
Hi John hug No clue as I was not online when all this activity appears to have happened but if comments disappeared perhaps those members disappeared and that's why dunno
i have noticed a few people lately have either left or been deleted, dont know the reason behind it,
cant just assume it is cs though, there could be a good enough explanation for it, maybe the network is playing up, who knows confused
you never do or say anything wrong john teddybear
don't worry John..some people they left themselves..and other just got deleted..the answer I think you know it..cheers my friend..
i wrote a blog yesterday and i have just seen its been deleted, maybe the person i was asking about had been removed from cs so may then if they were removed and they have seen his written unacceptable comments on certain blogs then maybe they remove the blogs or comments

i dont know john but i would not let it worry you, as long as you try to abide by the rules of cs which you do then i doubt they will just remove you from the site

this site is here for connecting singles and thats what people like us are here for and if we make great friends along the way then either better, dont worry about all the minor stuff that goes on around

thanks my friends
dont worry.. we still here with u.. peace yay
right i never forget you my friend
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