ANTIVIRUS in love affair

In an auditorium I saw a 30s girl which I couldn´t quit my eyes away. At times, I was so impressed because of the appealing she has caught on me. She was like a strange which you don´t expect and appears like a thunder ray in a dark night. Was I getting in love with her at the very FIRST SIGHT!!!? Was this a stereotyped Hollywood parody of love like Titanic which cautivated teen minded people? or was I out of protection of a good ANTIVIRUS software in love affairs?

Firstly to be honest to a woman, I do not believe in FIRST SIGHT love. Half is true and half is false . I agree in the science of love, which means the verification and validation of others´, feelings and sentiments. You do a hypothesis, and you confirm its veracity. The same in love. You do a hypothesis and you confirm its veracity in practice. The theory is there, the state of arts too. Love is practice not ideas or words only.

So when I was so decisive to be near to her and have a lovely, gentle talking, suddenly, she turned in other direction, and an intempestive, annoying guy appeared to kiss her and embrace together in passionate way. Dam!

Obviously, I am sure Half portion of appealing is very subjective, and thus allow men/woman to start to work out their instint imagination and intuition in love. But this might be tricky because it is superficial at the very beginning. In fact , the other half is the objective world which you cannot understand by idealizing but with practice and good experience in human´s nature

So I think, "Falling" in love is like to catch a virus in your computer. Just by checking web sites or surfing around seeing and logging in, it goes unpredictable, and smugle you an autonomous living system inside your disk, complicating your operating system and memory. It can even delete your data and files, one by one if you do not stop and wipe it out on time. It´s so terrible that finally you get desperate of it and reset your computer system before it devours you completely

I might ask for inventing an ANTIVIRUS in love affairs too. I agree that love is very human but also virulent
like catching a bad cold, because it can host in another body so easily which may hurt or damage your feelings, if you are not well protected. So I think a filter or firewall sometimes is necesary to cope with any unexpected, strange, invading feeling on you.

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Lol! But love is the most wonderful thing that could happen to you on earth. I wouldnt want an antivirus for love.
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