Part 2: A german girl wants to come see me

For those of you who have read my previous post about this one fine "German girl" who wants to come see me via student visa turns out she does need money for her "trip" here. Nice try dude...does this stuff really work on people? hahadoh
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that bad thing is...they waste so much of ones time..

scammers may they get gout in their fingers and chronic larangitis very mad
Did you expect something different?
A girl in Germany without phone and computer?

This stuff seems to work fine on people...
no PC that could be..but not no Phone lol not no but hell no..
rolling on the floor laughing
Is she really a German girl? I am suspicious now. If she is coming to the US to study, didn't she plan her trip? How was she going to pay for her tuition, room and board if she has no money for the trip? And she needs money for her trip there now??? What would she have done if she hadn't met you? Did she decide to come to the US to study after she met you?

This sounds like the guy who contacted me when I first joined CS. He claimed he is an Engineer, working on a project in Ireland and when it is over and paid he will be very rich. He claimed he owned a house in Atlanta, Georgia. He was going to come and visit me here in Canada, then after 4 weeks of communicating with me by chat, email and phone, he asks me for money, a loan to buy materials for the project. I had never seen this guy before, not even on a webcam. How can I give him a loan? It's even against the rules here on CS to send anyone money. He called me about 10 times that day, instructing me on how to get the money and send to him by Western Union. I never heard from him again when I said "No, I have no money to send you. use your house as a collateral to get a loan from the bank. I don't own a house". scammers, scammers, scammers.

To me not having a phone was a redflag.
"Believe me she's from Nigeria".professor
You didn't believe us until she "made the move", lol. At least you didn't get taken...I hope you reported it.
From heinzketchup.

"A girl in Germany with no computer or phone".

Yep very strange, to say the least: A university age student with no computer or phone? When my teenaged nephew was in secondary school in England he had a cell phone and a computer.

Even my neighbour's 30 something year old sister who is somewhere in Africa now has a laptop computer with internet access and a cell phone. She is a single mother, not university educated.

I believe she is from Nigeria too and in Nigeria, not Germany.

what a scammer!
In the 2 years i have been online dating, most of the
guys i met have tryed to sweet talk me into believing
i was their dream woman and then asked me to marry them
after that.they thought i was a idiot and i have had more
sob stories on scammers than i care to think about. I am
a expert at spotting them now..I've heard it all frustrated yawn thumbs down
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