Must be kidding!

I found this article from news paper.

Wisconsin Woman Bites off Husband's Tongue

A 57-year-old Wisconsin woman bit off half of her 79-year-old
husband's tongue during a kiss and has been arrested, police said
on Tuesday.

How could she bite his hard....... wow
He did't do anything or stop her.....?
hummm I guess they loved soooooooooooo much.
but,sorry for him.

anyway Have A great weekend to all.
Thank you.
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ummm that's some good eats
One couldn't make this stuff up if they tried laugh laugh
wave Pink

There's a lot more weird things,, out there,,hmmm one woman cut her husbands banana off,,,Ouch doh hug
that's some good eats
is that food? rolling on the floor laughing
I've never have it yet.grin
Have A wonderful weekend.
peace yay peace
Lesson learn is I will put my tongue in my pocket prior to have any such kisses. cool
you have a good weekend too pink pink pink pink pinkteddybear dancing
you are right music,
they couldn't make this stuff up...oh men. laugh
kiss is get to closer slowly and smile each other kiss tender,taste is honey and ...finally fire! jt kid hehehe heart beating giggle
but not like them..... even they were loved.scold no,no,no,
I swear.
Have A great weekend.
peace yay peace
oh thanks john.
you too! john,john,john,john,john,john,john,john,john,john,john.
Thank God it was the tongue..what of if it was his d,,,k???
Je vous remercie d'être venus de tous les temps.
Je suis très heureux. bouquet bouquet
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a scare! shock
the wife cutted......
what did she with it after that? uh oh giggle
long long time ago,japanese woman did samething,and after that she always brings his ..with her cover the handkerchief into bag until arrested.
he had family......yeah she was lonley to waited for him visit her house once a while,so she decide it to did.
she always wants him to stay with her.
that was sad stroy.

Anyway,Have A wonderful weekend.
kiss yay kiss
Dear itsnotme, wave
Welcome to a crazy planet.
I am so glad your comment. handshake
yeah.I gotta check this out!
Have A wonderful weekend.
bouquet yay bouquet
nice idea!
I will do samething for in case.
I've heard that some store selling it in galeway.
would you get it for me? cool
Dear stevalf,
welcome a crazy planet.
well which one is more painful?

Have A wonderful weekend.
peace yay peace
oh,I almost forget to ask you...2tken. doh
tell me if you get extra tongue,I think better to order by online shopping.
I need to scale my size before get it. cool
Have A wonderful weekend.
peace yay peace
No. I don't have an extra one. that's why It's so precious that I should protect it from kisses. Especially such serious kisses.teddybear

In Galway I saw some adult shops where adult toys on display.
I have not checked there yet since I prefer real ones to toys. angel

Have you owned any such toys yet PinkCoral (Of course not tongue toy which I am sure you have not yet)cool
yeah,2kten I knew about how you gonna keep your tongue but I've heard that some store selling it except adult shop in galeway.
I won't order it this time......
cuz we also have that kind a shops here.
I am not going though. cool
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