My mind is restless!!

Obviously we seem to be doing something wrong with the way we
use dating sites to find our partner or soul mate. We hear it
all the time "plenty more fish in the sea" & all the others.
So it leaves me to wonder, why isn't this working & why are
there so many people alone. Maybe asking themselves this.
Why are we on these dating sites for so long? Why when many
of us send a well thought out message to someone of interest
to them. Do the message's go unnoticed many times. Then it's
either read with no reply, or deleted & not read.

This may sound foolish but what if there are so many people
& so many choices, we're all like kids in a candy store! So
many choices & decisions. We decide to take one that catches
our eye, nothing wrong with it, perfectly fine. Then we start
to think, Well this one's great applause but "what if" yes
those are two words that can alter our decisions regarding
many decision's in our lives. So "what if" the candy is perfect
but...but maybe we should keep looking. There may be one down
the way that's "even better"
Just my opinion. idea
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You make a great point....Once upon a time, our ancestors were either set up in an arranged marriage or found someone suitable among a small group of available ones.....Today we have too many choices and find ourselves wanting....dunno
All we need to do is find someone with similar goals and then make it work wink It's give 100% of yourself and trust that the other person is doing the same.thumbs up
Keep it simpleapplause Keep it positiveyay and keep hanging in thereteddybear
what you say is certainly true but for me, I start to loose faith in myself and decide I'm not ready to even meet for coffee moping I'll get there eventually, I hope ...
I agree with you, so many people looking and so many choices, acting like little kids. It shows that those people don't know what they want, or they just want to see how many they can get, wasting other's people time and playing with emotions. If that is what they want to do, don't act like you are interested in someone and then fade or disappear and go to the next, a the end they get nothing. Another thing, we get a lot of that kind and a lot of the other kind "Scammer" on these sites.conversing
You are right. I really do not understand what is going on. It all seem a blur of competings on who is funniest, who is wittiest and who does not want a date or find a partner the most.
At the end, I am considering the idea it might be well worth the money to become a member of a paying site. Anyway, good luck to you all.
it can all be a bit confsing at times, you would not be the only one who may have been overlooked, but what iv come to realise is as humans we have become very shallow and for most what the outer package looks like is more important, but not for me, dont lose
I have to agree with you on the "shallow" part Happy. At the same
time there needs to be an element of attraction. Which would be
part of my search. I'm sure "superficial" wouldn't apply to me.
However,(dare I say it) there are many out there who are. sigh
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