The best dating site pickup lines or intro lines..

looks at the whole package and smiles..... nice errrrrrrrrr shiny buckle you have there

? please share!!
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My doctor told me to only drink beer on day's that end with a Y.

if you like puppy dogs youll like me,
im sweet and loveable
ican behave if i have to but usually choose not to
peoples familts love me

and oh yeah i dont bite,i just lick and nibble alot
unless youre into bitingyay
Well Sweet Soft Sarah,

I guess the only pickup line, that a little woman needs to tell a man is, . . .professor

, . . . "I have a heart beat", . . .cheering , . .

and that will work, . . every time, . . doh
if i told u u had a great body wud u hold it against medunno
If I could change the alphabet "I'd put U with I" doh
Excuse me lady Id like a little shake with those thighs.
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