A lot of people who are coming into their 40's start to become anxious about their looks,,,,,and of course,,,,the dreaded aging process ,,,,,and this is because as younger people they based their whole identity on their looks ,,,,so as soon as they start showing a few laughter lines ,,,,they panic sometimes turning to cosmetic surgery as an alternative solution,,,,,or becoming depressed ,,,at not being able to afford it ,,,,,,quite honestly I don't think that helps much ,,,,not in the long run ,,,,as you can always tell ,,,,when someone has resorted to the procedure,,,,,,botox or face-lifting,,,,,and the unnatural look of boob jobs,,
Being vain ,,,,is not an attractive feature,,,,in my opinion ,,,,to approach your 40's and realize that your whole identity has been based on your looks all your life ,,,,is pretty frightening,,,,,but society plays a massive role ,,,,in molding this vision,,,,,more so today than ever,,,,,
­Even young people are encouraged to 'perfect' any minor flows in their looks ,,,,most especially women ,,,,,and that creates a type of person that,,,, 'fault finds' in others ,,,,perhaps wasting a vast majority of their own life in doing so ,,,,and also never really finding their true selves ,,,in the process,,,,sadly,,,,
think that's a terrible shame ,,,,because there is so much more then looks ,,,,for its what's truly inside a person that counts the most ,,,,,,
­For a smooth transition in your 40's and beyond ,,,,you need to learn at an early age that your identity inside is going to be your best friend and not your vanity,,,as your looks fade with the gravity of time ,,,,,be contented with yourself big or small,,,,and for those who think their outer shell is the most important ,,,,it's not!
The person you are is ,,,,and the more attractive you are inside ,,,,,the more it shows on the outside,,,,to others ,,,,,aging has nothing to do with it ,,,,nor any other outer factor ,,,,
and for those who compare,,,and criticize other peoples looks ,,,,,they are selfish....vain and small minded,,,,,,,
­Far from reproaching themselves,,,,,deep down they enjoy the guilt,,,,,wallow in it ,,,,,because that really is flattering for some,,,,It's the comforting equivalent of draping themselves ,,in a little black dress,,,attention-seeking disguised as demureness,,,,it is fitting because they think it marks them out as people who matter,,,,,when actually they don't,,,,,,­­­­­­Guilty of not being attractive themselves and jealous of those who shine ,,,,,,for being truly attractive,,,,,these people will always ,,,,,,wannabe,,,,,,,­­­
­­­­But they learned only the rules of vanity ­ not enough to have a real identity ,,,,and real identity is all you need to age well
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wave Twinkleshoes

beauty shines from within,, I agree,, I am me,, and I'm happy with that,, either people accept me as I am,, or they do not fit,,, in my life,, happy days hug
Hey livin_the_dream it's lovely to see a like minded person,,,There's nothing more satisfying than knowing who you are and feeling at ease with it:)
I decided long time ago,, if i can't be me and accepted for who & what i am,, its their problem not mine frustrated lifes too short for any hang ups,,,, somebody will love me for who I am,, my friends love me for who i am,, so i'm happy cheering
It's definitely the right attitude to have living a dream,,,Life is too short for being judged dancing
Congratulations, ladies!
On both shared opinions.
I am 55 and yes, I am aging... but I is as it is. I am not getting a face lift nor liposuction or any other painful procedure to stay young looking. My dog loves me just the way I am!! lol.
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