Best Movie of 2010?

Maybe this was a bad movie year, I can't think of any movie that I was impressed by?
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I'm not much of a moviegoer unless it is for the sake of my kids and I usually fall asleep during most of their inane crap but the ones I did stay awake through this year were Avitar and Star Trek.
The Green Monkey's. I did love the part tehy climbed up those Islands in the sky. But the plot(In my opinion) was horrid.
You don't need the best of plots these days, the super graphics and action alone usually sells it for the kids but at least there was a morality statement regarding corporate greed at all costs at the expense of nature and it's resources.
I really thought the Avatarians should have fought the Planet Of the Apes. For some reason that sounds, way cool!
I enjoyed Hurt Locker
I did like the new Robin Hood with Kevin Costner but I like clean movies and it gave a different view on an old classic.
Blain i agree with just won for the computer graphics etc..but the script sucked!same ol same ol "man" greedy for oil/gold and exploit moping
I agree can't think of any one movie that really stood out from the rest.
I guess it depends under which gender..fantasy I think Avatar was made pretty well Action thriller I liked Salt, Mystery/suspense Lovely bones,
Well since i a movie freak i guess the best for me is growns up and the last song laugh laugh
i don't think theres anything like movies from the eighties all remakes today are no good
I have seen quite a few films this year but the most recent was Shutter Island which was quite good.
Reign of Assassins or Salt is good enough for rating ****.
I love Angelina Jolie
The hurt locker years before not counted in
Kevin Costner played in another version of Robin Hood, the new one was with Russell Crowe.

I loved Avatar and Shutter Island.
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