better off alone

do you think your better off alone some people think that they are sometimes maybe were not think about the wonderful moments between you and that person maybe none of us are here to be alone just my thoughts i know some people don't believe this go ahead tell me what you think .... john
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"better off alone?"

i am here obviously looking for my mate. lately, i am talking to someone that i like but something is not, to answer your question "better off alone?" in a long about way i think you're right. it could be that for a time i am better off alone...not always...but there may be something in me that needs to be worked out before i am good for someone.

a couple of cliches come to mind:

to find the right have to be the right person

the only thing worse than being alone is being with the wrong person.
your right i wouldn't want to be with the wrong person
I consider myself to be better off alone than to be with the wrong person again. I think that if it is meant to be that we have someone in our lives it will happen on its own. As long as you are looking, wishing, and hoping it never happens. I have a life and it is better to have something than to pine away for what could be. grin
thanks for your opinion and comment my friend
I need a my own private space sometimes.
playball writing typing
right thanks my friend
i agree with kimmy

i have been on loads of dates since i have been single and something has just not clicked with any of them really, i dont want to be with just any body i want to find my soul mate if there is one

dont rush these things, be patient and she will come

after all they reckon the best things are worth waiting for head banger
iv waited and iv waited im going to wait some more but some how i don't believe anymore that ill ever find the one
Oh John, don't start believing that! I have been divorced for nine years! I believe that your thoughts create your tomorrow! SO, I try not to be lonely-so I do not attract lonely- I try to be "love" and i do not become attached to the "outcome of any situation. Once one becomes un-attached to the outcome then things will happen. Just say-so what if I am alone the rest of my life-there are worse things, so what if this or that... So what! I am at peace within myself and I love my fellow man. ANd belive. Love will come to you at the right time and the right place. ( quantum attracts like...biblically, as a man he is)heart wings
thanks for the comment my friend
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