Ladies' Power Day

Was going to meet the girls when I suddenly hummed off key ‘spotlight’ by Jennifer Hudson. This song has been stucked on my head for couple days now. I might hear it somewhere and without I even realise it, I keep singing the few lyrics. I can’t even sing! Seriously! I like JH due to the unique voice of hers. I even download the song again from website as I have already deleted it before from my computer.

Met the girls at the mall on Monday night straight from the office. Yes, our city is famous with malls. You can find mall everywhere here. So it’s easier for us to hang out at malls. There is a Thai cuisine restaurant which papaya salad am craving at the moment. Mmm ...

Had a great time with all girls. Thanks for ditching temporarily your men for us who were still singles. It reminded us when all of us were singles and always went together everywhere. We did appreciate and were grateful with the friendship. Due to work, I also have been down lately, but the self pity wouldn’t make me any better.

Too bad we were too late for movies. Maybe next time, huh? Just bought the caramel popcorn for more snacks. But it was really fun to take photos with the huge christmas tree. Christmas is coming, but please remind me not to drink that icky cider. My poor throat cannot stand it.

I know that I promise to go traveling with you all next year. Just don’t choose the far away country, please. I cannot ask for longer leave days, so cross out Alaska from the list, will ya! laugh
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