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If this were ur last day on earth how would live it i could have said spend it why didnt i u tell me imagine this is ur last 24 hours here ur out here ur no more its the end how would u live this day then.
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if this is my last day....i would spend my life embracing and telling my love ones how much i love them....i would spend the rest of my hours with them....tell them how much i appreciate them and thankful to God that i have them in my life has been blessed with so much love from my family and friends....i am a blessing to them and they are my blessing too from God....u know 24 hours is not enuf...but if thats the only time left for me....i would surely spend it with them all the time till i leave the i am missing them so much....doh
Don't just sleep Sleepey in your last dayrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I would live it....just as I do every day....Life is an adventure. Enjoy every minute of it(my life motto)wine
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