The Very Tiny Little Crack (Part 3)

It was morning and the West side of town was greeted to a feast for the eyes. A golden haze was filtered by the green leaves of the trees to shine beams of misty light upon the little squirrels gathering acorns.
Droplets of dew sparkled like jewels upon the velvet petals of the crocus's. The crisp air was sweetly scented with fresh cut grass. The residents of the West side of town went merrily about their day smiling and laughing.

But not on the East side of town. No never on the East side was anyone happy. Except today Malevolent was very happy. His green eyes crinkled and his lips curled to a smile! My goodness, Malevolent looked absolutely, positively ecstatic. Malevolent lay curled up beside the wooden crate. Slowly Malevolent stretched his rather pudgy body. His sharp razor like claws sprang out from their furry toes. His mouth opened wide to reveal pointed yellow teeth and a pink tongue. "Ahhh! what a glorious morning and I am so looking forward to tonight" said Malevolent to himself. "Well, time to go on my morning rounds to see what I can see and eat" said Malevolent. He sauntered down the dusty gray street.

The little boy of seven was awake too. He yawned and rubbed his eyes with his fists. The little boy brushed his teeth and splashed cold water on his gray face. Today was a school day, in fact every day was a school day. Children didn't play on the East side of town. There were not any playgrounds. There wasn't even one swing. No baseballs, no bats, no hop-scotch, no, not even marbles to play. Just school. School every day. The little boy got dressed in his gray school clothes and ate his gray porridge. He also was looking forward to tonight. The little crack in the wall that he had made into a little hole was all he could think about. The little boy left for school.

The little mouse family was also ready for their morning . Madeline and Aloysious were anxious to run about outside, within sight of their parents of course. Papa said it was safe now, and out they went. Mama and Papa looked about for food. Different kinds of seeds and little scraps of food placed in the garbage cans of humans. Madeline and Aloysious played tag and chattered with delight. Odd how the animals of the East side of town were happy and yet the people were not. Very, very odd indeed. And wasn't it odd how the East side of towns Major could never be found. How was the town run? Who was the boss in case something broke down? The Major had appointed 3 people to look after the chores of rule. But these people were ever so cruel. They did not allow the people of the East side of town to laugh, not even a giggle. It is was actually forbidden to smile.

The morning wore on and it was reaching noon. Time for the family of mice to head back into the safety and comfort of their home. Little Madeline was dawdling as usual. And dawdling also was Malevolent. Slowly he rounded the corner of the house and down the side to the backyard of the little boy of seven. Madeline with one last giggle shut the door to her home as Malevolent sat to survey the yard for anything out of place.
The cat was disappointed. There was nothing to see, no nothing, nothing at all.
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love the story...hate he comercial breaks though..laugh

keep it comming Christmas, keep it comming..
What fun! I like how Kittehs eyes match his heart applause
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