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Why does a woman that I date and was out with only once say lets just be friends 2 days later and the date was successfull and it felt wonderful to be with her I don't know what to think I just wonder if I did something wrong when she said I didn't when I asked her people I need your thoughts on this topic. and she even said the date was succssful dunno blues sigh
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Dude TJ, . .

It is quite simple and very obvious to Me, . . .and I'm sorry to have to break the news to you this way, . . .but, . .professor

The Little lady was just "Using You" for sex, . . .dunno

Same thing happens to me, . . .All the time, . doh
why does no one use me for sex? hello!!! use me for sex please!!! Its free...

moping moping moping
LOL boys,where in this blog does TJS007 mention sex,only men lol.

@TJS007 you may have thought it went well but maybe she's just not interested in you that way,no worries,you'll meet other women who'll feel the same way you do about the date.
Your date may be wonderful but to be lovers need something more than a perfect date.I mean there must be a positive feeling on both side.And also you are successful dont worry about yourself.Friendship is also a good relationship.Firends are always friends Dont forget this also.This my adivse just become friends and go on your relation as Friends and Look another lady for being lovers.wave
10k you do make me giggle at times, but I have to agree with jester, it sounds like she was just after one thing and not really serious about having a relationship or maybe although the date was perfect it there may have been something that still did not click into place for her, it happens, sometimes I can see a guy a few times and then think this is for me and it could be for a number of different reasons, don't be disheartend as there will be your perfect someone out there for you its just a matter of finding them x
Although you may have felt an instant connection, she may not have. I have dated guys who were more into me than I was them. I adored them as friends, but a love attraction did not exist. It is hard to let them know this because they think a successful date should lead to more. Don't be afraid to move on as you will find someone who will share your feelings. comfort
Where does it say there was sex on this date????? Oh Please, sometimes there is just no chemistry....Can't help it when it is not there, It is what it is folks.doh
Isn't that why we go on dates - to see if we are compatible and enjoy the other person company?
I mean sometimes you go on a date and realize (for various reasons) that you are more compatible as friends and not in a committed relationship with each other.

That is why it is a date - isnt it?

I mean - I dont continue seeing all the men I go on a date with.
I go on a date to see how things go.

Sometimes they aren't even worth being friends afterwards.

That just my take on it heart wings

glad i do (:
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