My Friend Changed Yesterday.

Have you ever been stunned by your friend's attitude.You find yourself completely speechless with your legs rooted to the ground when you suddenly see him do something new.That was exactly how i felt on the 19th of this month.
It was a sunday & after church service,a friend of mine(Eddy) suggested we should go see a friend of ours(Courage).It's been a bit long since we last saw him(about 3 months) & he just came home for christmas.We saw him at home,had a good time & decided to stroll out.We got to a relaxation area & Courage slowly approached me for some cash.I saw a little boy behind him,so i thought he wanted to help the boy with some money.But when i gave him,he gave the boy & the boy jogged out only to return with a Cigar!!don't get me wrong,i not here to debate if cigar is good or not.But i swear,i was shocked!Courage had always been a good & quiet guy.But as i watched the cigar move to his lips & a matchbox coming out of his pocket,with my legs rooted to the ground & my gazed fixed on anything else but him,it suddenly struck me how much this friend had changed.Then,it occured to me that i was going to watch him smoke for the first time,the cigar he bought with my money.The reality suddenly gave me a running stomach!but just as if Eddy(who was standing closer to him)read my thoughts,he swiftly retrieved the cigar from Courage's lips & crushed it.My God,i was so relieved!
Later on my way home,i replayed the event & something inside suddenly asked me,'how well do you know your friends?'.In all areas how well can you boost of your friend?The friend you see today may be a changed person tomorrow.Just 3 months & he changed in almost everything.Take time to study your friends & see what they have under those sleeves.
It may suprise you...
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so ur shocked ur friend smoked a cigar?or that he used ur money to buy it? i dont see anything wrong with smoking?confused
i said i wasn't going to debate about smoking.
He just changed alot for only 3 months since i last saw him.there's more to his new attitude than smoking & we both know some things are better not said up here.
What's more shocking to me is the little boy in your tale.

Are children allowed to purchase cigars where do you reside or did he just pull one out of his pocket?

I don't know the type of relationship you two entertain but I don't find it as appalling.
Perhaps he's now more comfortable around you and is just being who he has always been.

You mean,he may have been hiding in his shell?

Though you have a point,i still think i know him too well to believe that.

And the little boy is not a stranger to him.They are familiar with each other.
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