22/12 My flight was canceled

Unbelievable. My flight back home was canceled at final minutes on 21/12 because of heavy and thick snow. I struggled in the long queue for re-booking my flight.

Any way I love Air France. They have taken care of their passengers well. I am appreciated with their service. Even though I am in a bad mood on this situation I still feel good of their service.

But there is one thing I am really unhappy is about the airport Wifi service. You see nowadays connecting to internet is very important because it provides chances to connect people, keep in touch with people and information updated as well as other useful online services. But at the airport, In Wifi Zone I could see some hot spots available in the searched list but many of them are secured. If not secured then I could connect but no internet access. It is so funny really.

I was so upset when I was in airport cafe and I could not access internet with their wifi. I talked it to a waitress then she replied me that she was so sorry since she could not fix it. So nice reply isn't it!? If I used internet just to relax I don't care much but in such situation I need internet to call my parents to update them my situation at the airport and it was so hurt.

cafes in my city if I raised such problem to any waiter or waitress s/he will rush to technician or any responsibility person for support until the problem is solved or any clear explanation is given. cool

Whatever it is, I already got my flight information and I will leave tomorrow I am confident that because the weather is so far so good.

Once again I would like to emphasize that I like Air France and their service. They have done very well in such situation.

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sorry to hear that 2ken.
well, well, well, me too.
I was gonna visit Hawaii to see friends about 2 weeks but,
gotta have cancel.........this time.
so ...............blues
but I have family here so we will have a good time christmas and new year.

I always use China airline to go Hawaii from Okinawa~Taipei~Honolulu.
I think they are also good service especialy fooooooooooooods.
they have plenty foods and drinks and used to have free ramen noodle........before.
so I don't need to worry about fooods in the plane.
all have to is just relax and sleep. yawn sleep
You can take extra breads,drinks,and sweets. grin
I will use airfrance if I have a chance! cool
Happy Holidays!
snowglobe santa waving reindeer
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