Some people just piss me off. They want to constantly correct everyone else's problems but they never bother to look in the dam mirror before they decide what is wrong with the rest of the world. They want to tell everyone else what to wear how to speak and anything else they can think of to fix. What sucks the most is that is really pisses me off when its a relative doing it not just some stanger off the street. I am who I am I am happy with who I am so what the bloody hell does that bother you so dam bad. Who the *F-K* cares if I want to wear a pair of old sweat pants in my dam house. ITS MY HOUSE go the *F-K* home if you dont like what I wear in my house.very mad frustrated
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u go girl!banana
Sweet Darlin Miss Rock n Roll, . .

I would "never" tell you "what to wear, or how to speak and anything else," professor

and, I would Never make you wear any old sweat pants,. . doh

. . .and as a matter of Fact:

If ya ever come by my house, . .You would never, ever, never, . . have to wear, ( Anything ), . . at all, . . dancing
I still don't think you suit the cuckoo clock hat.

giggle santa waving
Let me guess does this have anything to do with religion. Because there are people that belong to certain religions that would set strict rules and interpretations of how a person should dress, speak, and act.

I know how you feel...
Hi i have 2 say u should wear no pants at all just smile become a nudist streak at ur friends go bo ho ho
Wow, what a treasure u r, so wear ur sweat pants, and keep that trash mouth going....Bet u attract lots of guys out there.

U should learn to pick ur battles, or more important, pick better subjects to vent on CS about....I don't really care what u do in your own house, and for the life of me cannot find one damn interesting thing about u subject matter.doh doh doh doh
Thanks guys Buffy If you dont like what I write on my blogs then dont read them and keep your opion to yourself. ITs a free site I can vent in my personal blog if I choose to.
Hay ! Don't hold back, tell us how you realy feel ! ! ! !violin
hi rolltide

blogs are here to talk about whatever subject you so desire, your right it is your own personal blog therefore you vent your angerif you so wish
must admit reading it though does send a chill down your spine, almost made me feel you were having a go at me laugh

i do agree with the fact though that you are your own person and therefore you should be able to wear what you want when you want and how you want without someone telling you its wrong but are they telling you its wrong or just generally commenting that maybe something else may suit you

as in the trade i am in i tend to say to people that maybe this hairstyle would suit them better or maybe this colour, its not me telling them to change, its just giving them a different out look or maybe a few ideas of how to wear their hair, but again i only tend to do this if my opinion has been asked for

in my on home i tend to like to wear my pj's or if its cold i wll put my dressing gown over my clothes, i am not one for wearing jogging bottoms or anything like that but each to their own and what says what you feel comfortable in is wrong

their is a girl who walks to the school with her kids every morning in her pyjama's, not the kind of thing i would do or things is right to do but i would never tell her that as again its her choice to do that

wish you well for 2011 teddybear
May your Christmas be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happiness, the joy of covered ones near. And wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness!

Best wishesheart wings heart wings teddybear teddybear
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