I finally made up my mind

It's a realization of each individual of somrthing they have to fix in their lives in everything that went astray.All the negative things and actions that contributed to all failures in all aspects must be internalized and find some positive actions or finally delete it in our lives and start all over again.It may be hard i know but we have to move on and not live in the past for a better life, happiness and contentment.
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Yes You are right and I advise you to read the Book of Ronda Bryan called SECRET.And also I advise you to learn Quantum theory of life.What you want You get it in your life.Think good be good.What you think you face it in your life and I advise you to think always Positive and wish Good wishes for everyone and ofcourse yourself.
Captain Tom is wise about the Quantum stuff! I apply it everyday and I love the knowledge that I can create my tomorrows by my thoughts and life is not like a leaf flowing down a raging river! You are in control!
my failures have taught me how not to fail again. Also, how I should have learnt from other's failures too. Starting over again and again is the real game. Successes and failures are just milestones of the journey. cheers
Captain Tom,

I'm familiar with it. THE SECRET. And yes, the "Law of Attraction". Power of thought is everything that moves the world I agree.
Congratulations on your choice to life for the future. We are not our past, but we are shaped by what we choose to learn (or fail to learn laugh ) from it.
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