just for a clarification

To a certain person here that has lots of misinterpretation

In my profile i have written friends and hang out preferably and if ever i found the right person to be in a commitment then i'll go for it,but it does'nt mean that when you write me and i wrote back to you i am already considering a relationship,if i did say am busy and was not able to write back immediately that means i am, when i reached home and check my mails then i would answer it except to those people that are rude and no respect at all to women on here this site.Am directly saying this blog to LEOLOVE1 that you can't be in a hurry to know and have a relationship with women, it takes a lot of patience on both sides coz you have to consider people who are working and not just sittin in their computers to check emails.Am not after of anybody's money either coz i am a working woman,independent and earning.
Your style is so impatient and judgemental and am sure no women would like to have that kind in their life.
Good luck to you as well!!
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WHOA.....LOL.....Thats the Spanish blood that came to a boil. GO GET-UM GIRL!!!very mad
Was really amazed of this person he just sent me a message of introduction and he wants me immediately to commit on him without me knowing him yet!and judged me that i was just playing on here this site..you see how he is reacting as i have explained to him that i am a working woman and my time is just in the night to go for the internet unless if i have no appointments to make in the day.Really sssssssssss.....uu..ccc..kkkssss!!very mad
Lol!!i'll just dance for it!!banana peace dancing
maybe he has a hidden agenda ....what do u think???

coz at this point i cant tell he is jealous coz u just met right???

so in my opinion maybe there is something more he wants....comfort
Well i wrote him back as a good gesture message that telling him i am willing to correspond with him and i said just feel free to send me a message and i will reply him but it does not mean that as soon as he sent me a message i could reply to him immediately as i am working as well in the day unless i have some very important to do in the house and not having any appointment to get done i would be home.He was accusing me of just playing and bitching with men on here that's why i have no time to write back, well when i had his message full of rudeness and judging me instantly i was pissed and told him i am not a woman who is just sittin my a** in the computer and answers all messages from men here.Really i think he is having a hidden agenda and even telling me that i wasted my time finding a real man who can let me rest from working hard to earn, well.... i don't give a damn!!!if a man like this i will have it for life it's better to be alone and happy!
Bunny boiler???
OMG,I get that sometimes,you just say hi and they want to come see you or want you to visit.
I can never figure out if its desperation,or just some overly lonely person somewhere, anyway I agree with you a relationship takes time,let him bugger off.
Didn't you know? If you respond to an e-mail that means you're getting married.
Lol!!!!really funny!!!i can't believed it!!!doh frustrated
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