my sins: this time of year...

envy: when i see couples i just hate them wanna hit them with a truck,so i will add jealousy in there! and gluttony drink too muchwine drinking
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so, put a lil of anger there....
and a terrible driver-killer from a horror film is ready...
very mad devil
I can't beliverolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Choc, kill all of them, nothing is better than equality
rolling on the floor laughing cheers
you know God is most forgiving..share some wine and watch a good horror flick..

don't give up'll find your prince Charming..just stay away from the frog though..hole grin
I know that feeling... sadly I can't drive.
handshake rolling on the floor laughing
an agressive woman....I' attracted lol
lips lips lips teddybear teddybear teddybear

bouquet bouquet bouquet

just for you.
@ craig txxxxx a bunchlips
@ anel neither can i,but its the thought that countslaugh
I thought I was the only one who got jealouse of couples around the This year I even found myself jealouse of prince william and his fiance untill I found out they werent spending xmas together.. laugh
I use to hate New Years. When I worked as a mobile disc jockey I'd get depressed watching all the couples giving each other kisses at midnight. I'd be standing by myself twiddling my thumbs. When I get paid later on I'd get happy again.
@ swiss yep hate them heheherolling on the floor laughing
@ yes..last night the DJ saved my lifebanana
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