Men and generalisations

There's a few blogs that say men are like this and that.

Men equal about 49 percent of all humans so those kinds of claims are slight generalisations. Likewise in the case of women frustrated
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sorry they suda said sleeze bags not mentongue
Actually, I am quite happy when women generalise men. As it gives me a clear sight of whom to keep away from, you know what I mean? professor
am not sure if all blogs are meant to be taken on a serious note..also and I think we all are guilty of it, have at one time or another combed evryone over the same comb..and one thing I think cannot be denied and that is that if not all but then some men and women share certain that they maybe cultural or social..
anyway although we all know that stereo typing is wrong..when you're in a bad mood..more like than not you will do it..JMO
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