Old woman's letter to God

one day employee posts that have to handle mail address was unknown noticed the letter was on the envelope was written with a shaky line letter to God!

He thought himself better with the letter open and read . The letter was written this way:

Dear God I am eighty-three year old widowed woman that my life is nothing wrong with the pension law passed . Yesterday hundred of dollars in my purse was robbed .

This was all the money spent would be the end of month . Sunday is Easter week and two of my friends have invited for dinner , But without that money can not buy anything . I do not have nobody to borrow money from him . Merciful God You're my only hope help me .

employee posts was very impressed And showed the letter to other colleagues . The result was that they all sought their own pockets and Everyone put a few dollars on the table . At the end , ninety-six dollars was collected and sent for the old women ………

All post office employees were happy, Were being able to do a good job . Easter ended and After a few days of this matter , Another letter reached at the post office from old women That it was written: a letter to God!

All employees gathered to open and read letter . The letter was written :
Dear God how can I thank you The kindness that you did for me with you kindness I could have provided excellent dinner for friends and spend a nice day together . I told them what a good gift you sent me …… Of course, it was missing four dollars I'm sure the post office staff have taken it!! .....
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LOL funnyyyyyyy
funny this one..laugh
Very funny story, sweet Heliva, . .

I kinda thought the little old lady . . was gonna write God a "second letter" askin for "more Money", . . or maybe even ask God for a CS Soulmate, . .. doh

I like your sense of humor, .
thanks my friends hug
That was funny - keep them coming. The world needs to laugh together, and this a great way to do it.teddybear
thanks jeddah12 & gannieaw teddybear
A very good joke and message laugh professor laugh
nice job, heliya! thanks to make us laugh thumbs up thumbs up peace
thanks whitejasmine & Onlyguy handshake
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