Nothing is more powerful than the memories created by a child's experiences. The child's memories fashion the adult's life. Every day of adult life is touched by the memories of childhood experiences.
Our greatest adult fears were created by childhood memories. Our greatest adult anxieties were produced by childhood memories. Our most negative adult views of ourselves are the product of childhood memories.

Our most important adult goals have their roots in childhood memories. Our most powerful adult drives have their roots in childhood memories. Our adult attitudes, adult perspectives, adult expectations, and adult view of life are all powerfully influenced by our childhood experiences and memories.

Help me conduct an experiment. I want each adult to think about your life during the period from four years of age to twelve years of age. All I want you to do is think. First, I want you to remember a bad childhood experience. This is something that you don't allow yourself to remember very often. It is one of those memories you don't want to think about. Second, I want you to remember one of your best childhood experiences. This memory is a real joy to think about. It makes you feel good to think about it. Third, I want you to remember one of the funniest childhood experiences you had. This is a memory you like to share because it is funny to tell.

Now stop remembering and think with me. Did you struggle to pull up a memory? Could you remember the when, the place, the situation, the who, and the circumstances? Let me tell you the incredible thing: the older you become, the more vivid those memories become.
now you are smiling.............
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well since we are all individuals..we also all work differently..
my childhood memories are not connected to a certain age..what I remember now I remembered 15 20 years ago change there..

my greatest adult fear which I had and I think is gone or at least under control ..I got that fear while an adult..

you re still very you ll learn that there are things which will replace the childhood stuff..JMO
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