Has humanity reached it's limits?

No, THE SKY IS THE ONLY FRONTIER where only the bold one have the courage to go.

I just wandered have we grown as humans, as cultures in this big village called the world?
From the time of Socrates even Claudie, there's a time difference more or less 2 millenniums and where are we now ? Yes, this is the age of technology, progress of ideas and I don't know what else. No, we are not b?rbarians, we have all we don't essentially need it.

Do we lead a better life than people lived in 2nd or 18th century ?


Now before you start disagreeing (which is not a bad thing at all ), read this : we have computers, cars, internet, mobile phones and ct. but the line "A MAN TO A MAN IS A WOLF" still stands and means more than those few words especially nowadays, when we hide behind the computers, in front of the TV living in some ?ne else's dreams. They sell and we buy and when it comes to real life the jungle is a powerful predator, only the chameleons survive. There's no place for real feelings if you show them they (and they are as lost as you but) will crash you as a bug on the floor.
The real values like compassion are mocked and abused by scammers but one "child" must learn to become a man through his own mistakes. So, don't worry if you have been deceived by scammers all experiences are welcomed in life, you gave and what did they do, they took and that's just money. You are richer now because you had what to give and still have and they are poor as one can be.

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