I re-publish this, which I added to my last blog, before my account was deleted (still without any information or message from the CS-Administration).

I still have in mind that I wanted to translate the other stanzas of this (german) poem I wrote.
Maybe at a later point in time...


LiaR - Love is a Rose

If I’d ever compare your beauty
To something as lovely and tough,
I assure,
An ocean of roses won’t be enough.

But have a look at this tiny little rose,
If I’d care, it might overreach all those
As it grows, and grows, and grows.

Unbelievable, some kind of magic that,
As you see it once, you’ll never forget,
As you hold it once, you’ll never let it fall apart
Oh dearest rose, you’re the centre of my heart

Many people love roses
Also this one, it is true
But no one like I do
As well as I love you


© S.A - 20.02.2009
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