I found the Perfect Little Woman

I guess, after I recieved the video , I knew it was Love at first sight, . . . . . . . . .. cheering
. . . .

. . I Just Don't know which one to Pick, . . doh
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and those are what I'd call true girlfriends...

...how am I gonna get one for me asap??
Extremely looking forward for your reply jester...

thanks man,
u women over here!!

watch and learn how you should behave!

Take your Pick, Mr. Dude 10k, . .

all my girls, are very Obedient, . . cool
the first one mate (first link) ....

... amazing cleavage!

So very True, . .Mr. 10k. . .

I compliment you on your astute Observationprofessor

but what about #2, . .she will throw in a sports car and a job, . .with the overall package, . . cool
Good news. The second one is the last one. applause

And Mr Jim, . . .good to see ya, . . .

and which one of these sexi, mouth watering, Hot little Numbers, . .are you, . . "Going to Choose", . . to spend New Years With? ..confused

Or are you still Hung up On that Foxy lookin little lady down in South Florida, . . dunno

I kinda saw her down on all fours, . .and lookin mighty happy, in that fur coat, . . you got her for Christmas, . .cheering
I do like the attitude of that 2nd & 4th gal,
but apparently, she appears taken. sad flower
Very Astute and Perceptive, . . Mr. Jim Nastics

The second and last little lady, are actually a set of identical twins, . . just before they broke up, . . with their last LTR's , . . .professor

and because I have a definite "weakness for cute little twins", . . I'm gonna have to keep the "both of them", . . together, . . as a matched set, . . doh

and, . If you want One, . . I'm afraid, i'm gonna have to INSIST, . .that ya take them both, . .as a matched Set, . . (kinda like, matching book ends) . . ok? . . Jim? dunno
OK with me. applause
I heard they are cheaper by the dozen anyway. laugh
Excellent! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Sweet Darlin, Magnificient, Marvelous, Merry, Marriable Marge,

You are The 1st and Only little lady to grace the pages of this blog, . .and You, sweet Darlin, have Won the "Grand Prize", . ..professor

Our Grand prize this evening, is an all expense paid, . . entirely inclusive, "trip", . . around the world, . . for two, . . .in cyberspace, . . .ok?, . . bouquet

.You will be escorted, on your voyage, to see and appreciate, all the most valuable treasures, pictures, and places, . . that Internet Travel, can Offer, . . a young Beautiful Woman, . . . such as yourself. . . yay

and, as an added Bonus, . .You can take Mr. 10K, .and/or Mr. Jim along with you, . . if you want, . . .ok?. .dancing
Look no further than yo momma's house guys rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers
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