New years Eve what is the resolution?

2010 was so devastating, sad, humiliated, fooled by someone whom you gave your helping hands wholeheartedly,down with the finances and fooled as well, unpaid money transactions, careerwise is down as well,being sicked all the time, accidents and a lot of bad things happened. lovelife?.....well far it's good:)
So my new years resolution?still will have the goodness of the heart i remain with that but not to trusting now,and hard earned lesson deriving from the 2010 bad experienced.
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hi gorgeous,
hope next year brings you a bit more luck.

lips teddybear bouquet
Yes Craig63, i do hope that 2011 will bring me good luck everytime:)cheers!!!and Happy New year to you and your family and wishing you a prosperous one as wellapplause cheering cheers
I know whay you mean about 2010. It was bad for me also. I was sick a lot. In the hospital 3 times. Tired of being alone. Heres to 2011 and God bless everyone.
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