How Do You Feel About Yourself?

How is your self esteem? How do you feel about yourself?

If you do not respect yourself and hold yourself in high regard, others will see that and won't respect you either. If you respect yourself and hold yourself in high regard, others will see that in you and respect you also.

If you have problems with self-esteem, start talking to yourself... YES OUT LOUD!

Speak positive affirmations to yourself that makes you feel good about yourself. i.e.: I am beautiful; I can do it; I am smart; I am somebody; I am God's child, therefore I am a princess; I am healthy. These are just some examples. Try some of your own today.

Some children were told that they were stupid and as they grew up, they believed it because they were not told just once, they were told frequently. In the same way, you must believe in yourself. Tell yourself positive things frequently, and although you may not see it nor believe it right now, you will eventually believe and that will change what you think about yourself, how you feel about yourself, it will change your state of mind and it will change who you are and what you do. It may even change you physically. Also, others will see that change in you and it will change what they think about you also.

So, think positively and change your way of thinking. Don't let negative thinking ruin who you truly are inside.
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..nice blog handshake
so true positive thoughts bring positive results.thumbs up it's just a better way to live.dancing
Thanks for the comments guys.
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