wishing you a happy new year

A new year is filled with excitement
And a new perspective
The previous year has come to a close
Now it is time to be reflective

A new beginning given to us
To think about the past
And not repeat the same mistakes
To compare and to contrast

How will your life be different this year?
What is going to change?
Is there a resolution to make?
Or priorities to rearrange?

Make this year a new beginning
The past year does not remain
Gaze ahead to the future
Moving forward into unknown terrain.

Though the road may seem uncertain
And the path may look unclear
No matter where the journey leads
There is no reason to fear.

Don't lose sight of your hopes this year
Enjoy the new memories each day makes
Moving forward little by little
One step at a time is all it takes

Count each day that you are given
As a blessing from above
Let this year be meaningful and special
A new year that you can be proud of.

A new year is a new beginning
To make a fresh start
Continuing on in the journey of life
By looking within your heart
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Wish you and your family Happy New Year party gift wine
Very nice, thanks for sharing and writing this :) Happy new year to you! cheering banana
happy new year kas and now that you have gotten the help I am sure things will start getting better ..wish you and your kids all the best for the coming yearteddybear
bartender waiter drink pouringBonne anne mon amie party party hat balloons danceline buddies
i found this on the net and loved the words so had to share it with everyone

happy new year to you all

@ iamwhoiam

things have been so much better these past few weeks, fingers crossed things will continue, all the best to you xx
hi kas,
have a great night and hope 2011 is kind to you.

lips teddybear bouquet
Happy New Year Kas danceline
Happy New Year 2011 angel2 angel2 angel2 angel2
bunny bunny bunny cheers cheers cheers
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