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Ok so i'm no Carrie Bradshaw, but don't we all wanna deeper understanding of the opposite sex and dating?

Although a bit of an old romantic myself, since i'm single i thought it was about time that i opened my mind to the oul technological progression that is internet dating.

As a journalism student, i'm constantly learning of impending technological the point where i wonder if print journalists will even exist in two years when my degree is finally in hand, let alone good old fashioned pub introduced dinner dates!!!

From what i see here so far, and i've only uploaded a profile in the last 5 minutes!... members seem to be slightly crazed at why in gods name i havn't uploaded a photograph!!!

To be honest i'm already scared outta my wits to upload a pic having read the very inciteful spam welcome provided by the site laugh

On a serious note though i am a very genuine girl. Everything i've said and filled out in my profile is the honest truth. Also please read what i'm looking for in a date before emailing me.

Already i've had a few fourfootnothingers sending crazy messages regarding crazy shit that doesnt concern me, let alone them!(no personal offence!!)..Whats that about???

This shall be an interesting if not a very vveeerrryy shortlived experience!laugh
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Blog Rule Number 8:

Do not use your blog for a personal ad. You have a profile for this.

I'm the resident arsehole and also a "paleface", that's what we're called around here laugh

I like this blog really, but you won't get much of a response to a blog on this ever, more craic to be had in the forums, Irish of course.

Well it's mostly likely going to be a shortlived experience if you're already planning on leaving us. You'll understand why within 36 hours, that I can assure you of. wine

Anyway enjoy and goodluck with your search.
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