Water can be said to represent emotions. Women have been categorized as being watery and emotional types, males have an aversion to water types, they have an aversion to their own emotions. Have difficulty in getting in touch and, strive for the 'typical' masculine image that reduces the emotions and the suggestion that men must be strong simply because they are men. These concepts are delusional, misleading, and fear based concepts taken on to fit the stereotype image of males as they fail to understand the basic nature of women.teddybear
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The description fits what Hollywood and Madison Avenue magazines have been creating since the mid 1900's and continues to do so be it by images and/or by printed word. It has become 'ingrained' in most minds, (what little they have of any ),and continues unabated in virtually all ads on TV 24-7. Is it any wonder that all newspapers, especially in North America, are for people that usually read at a fourth grade level with only about 2: The Wall Street Journal and The Christian Science Monitor, but their readership is rapidly declining as they have no sports, comics and are 'too serious'...and no semi nude photos of women, aka, 'girlies' like the trashy tabloids...'Stereotypes Inc.'
The overall types that dominate what now passes as 'civilization' are just your knuckle dragging neanderthals and empty headed party minded bimbos with a vicious plan to only be interested in men for their money...is it any wonder that hostilities exist between males and females in general...mumbling
As long as the battle of the sexes continues there will always be endless possibilities for a match of willing minds. And in this era of New Age spiritual consciousness the tide is changing the complexities and vices of both sexes, be it positive or negative, however that is what change is all about. For males it is a case of New Age sensitive guy versus the Alpha male, and the later making a comeback. For both sexes I believe it is a case of balancing the duality of the paradoxical inner nature of ourselves.

Least ways something to that effect.
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