Happy new year!

So, it's the time to give promises for the new year. I made couple of promises: I loose some weight and stop smoking. We'll see...

It is a rather quiet morning. I didn't sleep well. 3 am I was still awake. We watched a Bond-movie. I couldn't help, I didn't like it. Too stupid action.

Well, Happy new year, every one!
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happy new year isaiah

i always find after the xmas rush that the first few days of the new year is always soo quiet, takes time to almost settle back into normality without the worry, stress and excitement of xmas, almost like getting married lol

i dont have many resolutions, i always put on weight over xmas, so i always start my diet when the kids go back to school

good luck on the diet and the smking but would it nt be better to concentrate one thing first because to try to do both might maake eachone harder, i dont smke but i culd imagine hw hard it is to give up smking and people who normally try start eating mints r something, i suppose you could buy sugar free mints and eat those in between meals that way yu could possibly achieve both, another trick i learnt when i had 2 stone to loose was to eat 6 small meals rather than 3 big ones as then you dont feel deprived.....

have a fantastic 2011, hope it treats you well x
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