new year love

love in the air for every one this year,if you have been hurt,there is hope to love again,if you have not been hurt,keep the love going dont give up,don"t compromise,if you are been serious please try to be or you give out in other not to hurt ur half a fool,if you are a scam,try not to scam somebody"s love cos thesame major will be use against you,in the sense that when you will feel love some one will play you cos they same merry goes ladies and gentlemen please please be committed and be serious in your relationship this year,i want to hear less of divorce,heart broken this year and for the ladies try not to play with the gents cos we own everything,thanksbanana heart wings teddybear banana heart wings thumbs up
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girne, Kyrenia, Cyprus

gentle easy going handsome guy,fun to be with,too vulnerable and emotional,someone you can trust without fear of cheating on you. [read more]

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