Hey,wave I'm Tae, short for Taelaor; pronounced Taylor whoever unwonted the spelling.

My nickname: Little Miss Fussy. A title given to me over a decade ago because of my not so singular affliction, perfectionism.
Every aspect of my life needs to be in order so, contrary to what some might suppose, I'm not some pretentious skirt with an elephantine ego.

I'm a 30 year old (Not for long)Black woman living on the beautiful 37 km2 island of Saint-Martin, the smallest island in the world ever to have been partitioned between two different nations: .St. Martin and St. Maarten, respectively shared by the French and the Dutch.
Saint-Martin was not on the list of countries at sign up so I opted for Guadeloupe of whom we (Saint-Martin) are a former commune of.

I'm a facilitator. The majority of my time is spent tending to mentally disabled adults.
I conduct group, individual and psychodynamic therapy sessions and act as a passerelle between patient and doctor.

Here I am, on my fifth dating website, I've been a member of some of the most popular communities and was contrived to leave each and every single one of them not only because of the series of shameful acts committed by the users, moderators and site owner(s) who permitted the schlemiels to retain possession of their accounts once proven to be complete nitwits and continue to plague the sites with their mindless dribble.

Of course I don't expect this place to be any different, as I've already met a few base characters but I'm a mission.
I want to find happiness and won't relinquish my quest until I succeed!
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Taelaor aka Little Miss Fussy aka Tae

With your wit and beauty you should have no difficulty in finding the man of your dreams. As the saying goes "you have to kiss a few frogs.." hence the "base characters".

Keep up the good fight of Love's cause and I will be sure to cheer you to victory.


Do you speak any Dutch?
I just had a rather arousing image of you acclaiming my efforts clothed in skanky cheerleading apparel cheering

Thank you, your soothing words comfort my distress esteem.

Unfortunately my Dutch is very limited.
Apart from Dank u wel, hallo, goedemorgen, goedenavond, goedemiddag and doei I know nothing else.

PS: I'm from the French side of the island.
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