A Very Tiny Little Crack (Final)

The little boy of 7 sat in a chair opposite his father. "Well son, I think you had better tell me what that was about?" The little boy raised his head, his eyes still red from crying. He told his father everything. "I had only been trying to see the other side". "Papa I will fix the wall and I will bury the little mouse". The father held the little boys face in his hands and said to him. "Son, you have done what I have wanted to do for years, and now I am going to make that hole bigger." "We are going to move to the west side of town and we are going to do it now." The little boys eyes became wide. "Now?" questioned the boy. "Yes son now."
All this time Malevolent had been hiding in the wooden crate. "Well, isn't that interesting!" "The little boy put that hole in the wall and the mouse died to protect the little boy". "So now the little boy and his Daddy are going to escape to the West side of town." "Maybe pickings are easier on the other side of town for me". Malevolent licked one of his paws and washed his whiskers very slowly thinking of all the delicious mice he could eat.
Mama mouse had tried to stop Papa mouse, but it had been futile. Mama mouse had lain Papa in a blanket from their bed and had dragged him into their home. She sat on the floor and cried and cried. "Oh my head hurts" said Papa mouse. Mama mouse looked up surprised. "You are alive!". "Well of course, that last blow just grazed my head". "But it still hurt". "I must have passed out." "Is everything OK?" questioned Papa. "It is now." sighed Mama mouse. Papa said "Mama, our little family is leaving this side of town, now that we have the chance." "But first there is something I have to do."
"OK son are you ready?" asked the father. "Yes Daddy, I am ready but I couldn't find the mouse, maybe it is alive." said the little boy. "Let us hope so." replied the father. The father picked up a sledge hammer which he had placed against the wall earlier. Unknown to the father and little boy, the mouse family was also ready to leave the East side of town for ever. They had hidden underneath a bush very close to the wall and were waiting for the boys father to make the hole big enough for everyone to escape. Malevolent was also waiting to escape. His green eyes peering from behind the wooden crate, his crooked tail swishing.
The father picked up the hammer and with a mighty swing he struck the wall. Bricks and brick dust went flying everywhere. The alarm blasted, shattering the silence of the night. Father swung the hammer again and again. The alarm became silent and the rhythmic pounding of boots could be heard. Father swung the hammer with all his strength and the hole was now large enough for the father and little boy to escape. Just as all stepped into the hole the Wall Storm Troopers rushed into the backyard. "Grab them men, hurry!" yelled the leader of the Storm Troopers. Malevolent saw his opportunity to escape unnoticed. With his four legs pumping as fast as possible he made a dash to the wall. To Malevolents surprise he was flung fly high into night sky. With a YOWL of pain he landed in a prickly thorn bush. Papa mouse had tied Malevolents crooked tail to a small tree and as Malevolent ran he pulled the tree over in a upside down U shape. Thus the little tree sprung from the force and flung Malevolent away from the wall.
The mouse family and the father and little boy turned to see Malevolent flying through the night sky and all laughed with delight. They stepped through the hole into the sun filled light of the Western sky. The mouse family hugged each other and they disappeared into the Western side of town. The little boy of seven thought, "All this happened because I was curious!" He took his fathers hand and they walked away into a new life.

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teddybear hug yay lips lips and a bigbouquet

love it..it is a great story christmas1...thanks..

ahhmmmm......anymore coming...maybe..soon..grin
check your filterboxgrin bouquet
I like the way you wrapped it up... with all of the characters being added, I never would have guessed it would be a short story, especially with such a clean ending. I'm impressed; two thumbs up, a gold star, and, a happy face! :)))
grin very lovely story my friend.hug teddybear
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